Trending Retreat Destinations in 2022

Trending Retreat Destinations in 2022

Many of us attempt to live out a healthy lifestyle but sometimes everyday life, such as long days at work, stress, errands, and even indulgent vacations, get in a way of that. Even with our attempts, we could use more wellness in our lives. Instead of spending our vacation time indulging, we could instead use it to seek fulfillment for our health and wellness goals.

A restorative vacation to a resort is a perfect way to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Whether you are looking into taking a yoga trip to Bali, going on a hike along the Amalfi Coast, or even wanting to soak in the hot springs of Costa Rica, there is a wellness itinerary for you.

With the vast majority of retreat options worldwide, we have rounded up the top trending retreat destinations. Each location is special in its own right and will allow you to foster a mind-body connection while looking after your fitness. All of the following locations are the perfect place to take a retreat; however, each can offer you something different.

1- The Azores


The Azores is a gorgeous autonomous island region of Portugal. The nine islands are all diverse and offer unique features, activities and cultures.

The Azores islands are constantly ranked as one of the best, most sustainable and affordable island travel destinations in Europe. The Azores is trending as a top resort location for various reasons. It has claimed a spot for its breathtaking nature as it has copious amounts of greenery and lively forests and is surrounded by blue ocean views. Not to mention, the rolling mountains and dormant volcanic formations that have created endless hiking trails for visitors.

Also, because this is not a popular tourist destination, these Islands are not crowded with capitalistic distractions or an overflow of people. The peace allows you to completely slow down on your wellness travels to the quaint and local way of life.

2- Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a stunning region that stretches out on the southern coastline of Italy. The Amalfi Coast scenery makes this location a must-see. The coastline is full of mountains and cliffs that drop off into Italy’s most renowned beaches.

The area is only 30 miles long, but it radiates enough beauty and luxury to make it a perfect spot to relax and gain mindfulness on your wellness retreat. The coast offers its visitors the opportunity to spend time at the Mediterranean Sea beaches, take in the wonderful views and eat delicious Italian cuisine.

Not to mention, the hiking opportunities the coast offers will leave any wellness enthusiast speechless. The famous Path of Gods hikes deserves a special mention for its stunning route that takes the hiker over the top of the Amalfi Coastline and is guaranteed to give unique views every step of the way.

3- South Africa

South Africa

South Africa is the southernmost country in Africa and is filled with world-renowned safaris, hiking trails, wineries, and one-of-a-kind natural scenery. When you go to South Africa for your wellness and fitness retreat, you won’t ever want to leave because you will be surrounded by stunning beaches and endless opportunities to enhance your wellness and health.

South Africa is known for its wide range of spas and resorts, they take wellness tourism seriously, so it is no surprise to be a top trending destination among wellness enthusiasts. The country is truly one of the most phenomenal destinations for those who are looking to relax and recharge. You will be guaranteed to get an experience like no other.

4- Colombia


Located in South America, Colombia is the perfect location for your next wellness retreat. This country is known for its extraordinary natural and cultural diversity that would bring anyone serenity.

It is a trending spot to visit for a retreat because of all of the activities it has to offer. You have the opportunity to go on hikes through the tropical forests, spend a day at a mud volcano, kayaking through beautiful lagoons or just visiting the culturally rich cities throughout the countries like Cartagena. The wide variety of options would satisfy the needs of anyone looking to take a retreat.

5- Bali


Bali is a gorgeous Indonesian island that is known for its exotic scenery, including the forested volcanic mountain views, iconic temples, and a stunning coastline with gorgeous natural beaches and cliffs touching the shore.

Bali has been on the top of the list of many wellness retreat goers for years, as it is known for spiritual tourism. The retreats in Bali allow the visitor to go through healing and a well-being journey on a small peaceful island where peace and harmony are easy to come by. Overall, because of the wonderful nature, centuries-old traditions, and ancient wisdom, the island’s wellness retreats have it all.

6- Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a perfect wellness destination for anyone looking for a peaceful escape that is wanting to improve their health. Located in the South of North American, Costa Rica is a small and rugged country that is filled with stunning rainforests and pristine beaches.

Costa Rica has long been on the top of places to go to recharge and relax as it offers an immense number of activities that will bring visitors tranquillity. Hikes through the jungle, white-water rafting or kayaking in the warm sea, or spending time in the oceans while soaking up the sun. As well, it is known for its world-class yoga and spas, making this location a must for fitness retreat and wellness retreat goers.


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