Top Destinations For A Fitness Retreat

Top Destinations For A Fitness Retreat

Thousands of people visit fitness retreats all over the world every year in hopes of becoming the best version of themselves. The attendees of these fitness retreats are finally taking the time out of their busy lives to work on their physical, mental and spiritual health. Also, as an added bonus, attendees will get to explore the new destination their retreat is located in. That sounds like the best of both worlds!

There are fitness retreats hosted in some of the most incredible destinations worldwide. However, it's hard to pick a retreat location with all the fantastic options globally. Below we have gathered a list of some of the world's top destinations for a fitness retreat. Each location is unique in its own way and is ready for you to explore while working on your health goals. So, suppose you're planning on hosting a retreat for your wellness business. In that case, the following list can help you decide on the perfect destination.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica received a well-deserved spot on this list for its outstanding beauty, raving culture, and excellent accommodation options. You can find this little piece of paradise located in the south of North America.

This country has everything to really wow a fitness and travel lover. It is rugged and filled with rainforests and tropical sands. You’ll find countless opportunities to explore the country and move your body when you visit. 

Visitors will have the chance to go on nature walks, hikes or kayak through the greenery. They can explore the beautiful flora, volcanos, and waterfalls. In addition, visitors can stay active by running on the seemingly never-ending white sand beaches. Or, they could go for a swim in the clear blue ocean. Overall, there are an infinite amount of activities to explore to support your fitness in Costa Rica. 

Fit4Travel offers three unique catered tours you can find linked below. Each tour provides a different adventure trip of a lifetime and focuses on your health and wellbeing. 

Check out Fit4Travels Costa Rica itineraries below:



Located in southeastern Europe, Greece holds various attributes that make it an ideal destination for your next fitness retreat. There is both the mainland and over 2000 Greek islands to explore. You will be breath- taken by the history and beauty that the country exudes. 

The mainland is mountainous, so if you love to hike or go on nature walks, you can find plenty of opportunities in Greece. There are also a copious amount of beaches to spend the day relaxing, swimming or kayaking.

Greece is a fantastic destination If you are thinking of hosting a fitness retreat for your business. Fit4travel has three outstanding adventures in Greece to choose from, and any option will bring your retreat dreams to life. 

Check out Fit4Travels Greece itineraries below:



Visiting The Azores will be a getaway like no other. The beautiful Portuguese archipelago comprises 9 islands and is located in the mid-Atlantic. Sao Miguel is the most famous island in the archipelago for visitors as it is full of adventures. In addition, it is the perfect place to plan your fitness retreat as it has numerous opportunities to get your sweat on and focus on your health. 

Imagine taking a yoga class surrounded by nature. That dream is exactly what you can expect at an Azores fitness retreat. The island is full of luscious flora, waterfalls, and mountains with sensational views. In addition, there are opportunities for hiking, swimming, and exploring quaint villages.

Fit4travel has a retreat package to The Azores, where you spend your time in Sao Miguel. During this retreat, you will visit iconic destinations on the island like Sete Ciadases and Lagoa do Fogo. The Azores is waiting for you and your students to make unforgettable memories on your next fitness retreat. 

Check out Fit4Travels Azores itinerary below:



Italy is a bucket-list destination for many people, and this is for a good reason. The country has it all and is a great spot to hold a fitness retreat. First of all, it is a country that everyone wants to visit. Therefore, if your business wants to attract people to attend the retreat that you're hosting, Italy will be an easy sell.

Secondly, Italy has everything that a fantastic fitness retreat would need. You can find hiking, biking, and exploring opportunities in every region of the country. There are many iconic regions in Italy such as Cinque Terre, Amalfi Coast and Tuscany for you to explore. Italy is also known for its indulgent foods and wine that can be found around every corner. 

Fit4Travel has four excellent retreat options to choose from. Each retreat explores a different region of Italy, so you can select what you want your itinerary to look like. All of our itineraries will create a fantastic fitness retreat experience for you and your students. 

Check out Fit4Travels Italy itineraries below:


South Africa 

Last but not least, another country that would be an ideal destination for your fitness retreat is South Africa. This country is located in the southernmost region of Africa. If you choose South Africa as your retreat destination, you will get to experience safaris and sight-seeing of exotic animals. Imagine seeing lions, giraffes, zebras, and more up close. It really will be a dream come true.  

This country is truly amazing and offers endless opportunities to enhance your wellbeing.  You will also get to visit a country that is filled with world-renowned, hiking trails and beaches. As well, there are opportunities to host workout classes in jaw-dropping scenic locations.

South Africa is also known for having top-quality spas and resorts. Therefore,  after exploring and exercising all day, you can visit a spa to relax and recharge. In addition, the scenery that visitors will get to experience is like no other.

If you are thinking about booking a fitness resort in South Africa, you will not regret it and you are guaranteed to have an experience like no other. Fit4Travel offers three resort packages that you can use to create a hassle-free retreat for your business.

Check out Fit4Travels South Africa itineraries below:

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