Deep Dive into a Fit4Travel Portugal Wellness Retreat

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Deep Dive into a Fit4Travel Portugal Wellness Retreat

Interviews with @gigieats and @ms.polley

In April 2022, we invited wellness professionals and enthusiasts across all industries to travel to Portugal to experience a Fit4Travel familiarization wellness retreat.  We wanted to check in with some of our attendees to see how their experience was!

Our Wellness Retreat to Portugal

First, let's dive deep to give you some insights into our trip! Maybe it will give you some group trip ideas or want to join one of our next wellness retreats!

As mentioned, we traveled as a group to Portugal which is one of the southernmost European countries on the Iberian Peninsula. It was an absolute adventure touring all that Portugal had to offer. Everything about the country is amazing, from experiencing their rich culture, to touring the lively towns and cities and taking excursions to see breathtaking views.

Our tour specifically went to the Algarve region of Portugal. Every day we would wake up and participate in a yoga practice to set up our minds and bodies for our adventure later on. We went on hiking trails up to stunning viewpoints and toured towns full of character like Faro, Santa Luzia and Tavira. We also had the opportunity to go on a boat tour of the stunning caves of the Algarve.

We spent most of our stay in the beautiful Cascade Wellness Resort where wellbeing was at the forefront of everything they offered. There were opportunities for meditation sessions and daily yoga classes. In addition, we ate amazing farm-to-table foods with options for vegetarian or vegan meals.

Our Portugal retreat full of wellness leaders was an adventure of a lifetime but - don't just take our word for it. We interviewed Erin (@mrs.polley) and Gigi (@gigieats) to see what they had to say about their experience traveling to Portugal with us. Now let's get into the question!

1. How was your experience traveling with Fit4Travel on a retreat?

"It was a great time, really everything about the trip was impressive! The experience of traveling was made that much better because everything was planned - I loved the accommodations and it was super nice to have transportation ready to take me to the next adventure. The daily events and plans that Fit4Travel put together were the perfect combinations that gave me the perfect taste of Portugal. Granted I wish we were there for three weeks, not just one! It was the best wellness retreat and I had an amazing time being surrounded by like-minded people." -Gigi

"It exceeded my expectations, I was very impressed with everything - all the attention to detail that Fit4Travel puts in at every step was something I wasn't expecting. The quality of the experience from the accommodation to the transportation to the excursions, and even the tour guides we had were amazing. It was executed very well!" -Erin

2. What was your favorite part of the retreat?

"Well... I'm a food girl so anything involving food will be my favorite part. In Portugal, the seafood dishes we were served were the best things. Fit4Travel did an awesome job vetting restaurants so we could have the best dining experience." -Gigi

"The FOOD - it was really amazing overall. Every single restaurant we went to I was really blown away. Fit4Travel did just a great job at finding the perfect spots" – Erin

3. How do you feel Fit4Travel makes the retreat planning process easier?

"They basically do everything, and I mean everything! All you do is pick the itinerary you want, sign up and hop on a plane. In addition, they don't have a strict jam-packed schedule - there are times of flexibility which I really appreciated. You get to put your trust into Fit4Travel and know that they will know what will give you for the most local color out of your trip." - Gigi

"I have several years of experience planning and hosting my own retreats, so I was skeptical at the beginning. However, it was really helpful to know that there is a really reliable source in the travel industry who knows what my needs are and can address them without me needing to ask for them. Fit4Travel takes the burden of researching and planning off of retreat hosts' plates. Instead of wasting time worrying about the logistics, we can just focus on building up our communities." -Erin

4. What surprised you about traveling with Fit4Travel that you didn’t expect?

That we had a leisurely morning, many tours make you begin at 7 am or earlier and it can get overwhelming. Fit4Travel is the opposite of that. We could take part in a wellness activity or do our own thing. Also, another thing that surprised me was the accommodations. This is because usually, retreats don't have the level of accommodations that Fit4Travel provided for us. The hotels we stayed at were really wonderful, they had history behind them, and they catered towards living a healthy lifestyle!" -Gigi

"I didn't expect to be so impressed - it really exceeded my expectations. Especially being a yoga teacher and a travel organizer myself, I have a level of what I'm looking for and Fit4Travel blew me away with the quality and detail. It was a very elevated experience" -Erin

5. Why would you recommend Fit4Travel to someone planning a wellness retreat?

"Yes, with Fit4Travel you don't have to think at all and you get an amazing trip that is wellness-focused. Also, traveling is so important for growth so getting out there and really exploring new places is so important!" -Gigi

"I would recommend it to those who do not have experience in the travel industry but has a gift and something to share with the world and their community. Fit4Travel can really help those who want to host a fitness retreat make their travel dreams come true while they still have the time to focus on what they do best."

Final thoughts

There you have it! Our Portugal retreat was a great experience, and we cannot wait to see more of the world with wellness lovers. If you still haven't booked your wellness, fitness, or yoga retreat - check out the best wellness retreats and best yoga retreat company around: Fit4Travel!

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